Saturday, August 10, 2013

Building a stove

We picked up some mamas and went to Enguiki in the Jeep, taking several tries to make it though some parts.  It was a pretty remote location.  We thought we were going to watch a new stove being installed.  But when we got there, we were thrown right in.  It was easy to see that the mamas knew how to train people, because even with the language barrier they were able to show us exactly what to do.  We mixed med.  We leveled the bricks for the base.  Then we started to build up, layer after layer.  It didn't take too long for the chimney to reach the thatched roof.  We had to cut a hold in the roof to install the metal top of the chimney, and build the base of the chimney out as a support for he stove itself.  It was a really messy process... as I sat on the embers and ash from the original open fire and my back rubbed against the soot covered walls the remainder of the time, I was pretty dirty when we finished.  I don't know how the mamas were wearing their beautiful clothes and jewelry!  But in the end, we had a stove!  The woman who lived in the home seemed really happy when we finished and asked me to take her picture with the new stove. It was really satisfying to leave knowing that this woman and her children would be able to live a little healthier!

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