Sunday, August 4, 2013

Thank you Fund for Teachers and International Collaborative!

Before this whole thing starts tomorrow, Erica and I would like to give some shout-outs to the two organizations that are making this trip happen.

First of all, big thanks to Fund for Teachers.  Fund for Teachers supports educators' efforts to develop skills, knowledge and confidence that impact student achievement. By trusting teachers to design unique fellowships, Fund for Teachers grants validate teachers' professionalism and leadership, as well. Since 2001, Fund for Teachers has invested $20 million in more than 5,500 teachers, transforming grants into growth for teachers and their students.  You can check out their website here:

While we're in Tanzania, we're going to be researching the implementation of smoke-reducing, energy efficient stoves in Maasai homes.  The plan is to bring back primary sources and develop an engaging cross-disciplinary, problem-based unit about sustainable practices for our students.

The only reason that we're even able to consider doing this research is all thanks to International Collaborative.  The International Collaborative aims to provide a better, healthier life for the rural world and a cleaner environment for all.  They reduce indoor smoke in the homes of pastoral people in the developing world, caused by the use of indoor cooking fires.  International Collaborative replaces the fires with stoves and chimneys that use ninety percent less wood, benefiting families and the environment.  Read more about their work at their website:

Thank you so much FFT and IC! 

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